FAST/AVOD services is best for consuming ads, study reveals

A study by Samsung Ads revealed FAST/AVOD ads outperformed all other viewing types, with the UK , Australia and Germany among AVOD viewers that showed the most engagement with advertising. 

Samsung Ads in partnership with Verve conducted a study comparing viewing types that took place in May and August 2022, which identified that across all markets access to free content is the most accepted format for consuming ads.

According to Samsung Ads, German and Australian audiences were significantly more likely to sit and watch AVOD ads in full compared with other platforms, with higher engagement tied to shorter length of ads and more relevant content.

In the UK, the study showed Brits were most likely to watch ads across all platforms, with an average of 45% respondents engaging with ads across BVOD and SVOD platforms with only a slight preference of 48% for AVOD ads.

Similarly, in Australia an average of 54% of respondents preferred AVODs services, with lesser engagement across other viewing types. But almost double of participants perceived the ads on liner channels as too long in comparison to AVOD ads.

Whilst in Germany respondents were less likely to watch ads across all viewing types. However, there was an increase in engagement to AVOD ads of 35%, while only 28% of Germans engaged with ads on BVOD and SVOD platforms.

“It’s encouraging for the whole TV landscape to see audiences engaging well with ad experiences across the spectrum of content providers. Audiences are demonstrating a growing appreciation for the value exchange received through viewing ads in order to access free content,” said Alex Hole, vice president of Samsung Ads Europe.

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