EBU sells broadcast services arm to private equity group

Dubag partner Emanuel Cattanei

Emanuel Cattanei

Munich-based private equity firm Dubag Group has acquired Eurovision Services (ES), the broadcast services arm of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

The Geneva-based operation was created in 2019 when the EBU transferred its business services to a stand-alone subsidiary. At the time of the deal, Eurovision Services works with sports federations, right holders and media companies around the world and has a presence in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Among ES’s customers are leading right holders including UEFA, Formula 1 and the NBA.

Dubag partner Emanuel Cattanei said: “With the takeover of Eurovision Services we extend our portfolio with a promising venture. We are convinced ES will be the first-choice provider for event organisers, media organisations and sport federations. We look forward to a successful collaboration with employees and customers.”

As yet, it is not clear why the EBU decided to sell the division. When Eurovision Services was created in 2019, EBU director general Noel Curran called It is “a proactive and logical move by the EBU to respond to a rapidly changing media industry, with digital transformation at its core.” He added: “The rationale for giving greater independence to our business arm is to enable it to grow in stature and value and to continue to pioneer innovative media solutions across the value chain.”

On its website, Eurovision Service says: “We offer a proven, adaptable end-to-end solution. We bring proven expertise, experience and resources. We help produce, distribute, personalise and optimise content. We have a service portfolio with the agility and ability to enhance and adapt content to the needs of all digital platforms. Then we seamlessly distribute it, to the right audiences at the right time, in the right format.”

No deal figure has been released – and there are no details about how the relationship between Eurovision Services and the EBU might work going forward.

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