Vodafone Deutschland and DAZN test 5G Bundesliga broadcasts

Vodafone Deutschland and sports streamer DAZN have revealed they are jointly testing the transmission of German Bundesliga football games using 5G. 

Most recently, 5G-based transmission technology was used in February in the match between FC Bayern Munich and SpVgg Greuther Fürth.

Both companies had previously used 5G at other Bundesliga games to transmit images and sound from field reporters and cameramen from inside the stadium.

According to the pair, the use of 5G in TV shortens the path that live images take before they reach television viewers.

Cameras can be connected to a 5G-enabled router in order to transmit recordings to the broadcasting centre using real-time data transmission. Such a router fits into a small backpack, which is easy to transport, and removes the need for dedicated cables and fibre links or satellite delivery from outside broadcast vans.

Michael Reinartz, Director of Innovation & Consumer Services at Vodafone Germany, said: “The potential of 5G for TV broadcasting of sports events is huge. Our 5G network meets the high demands on signal transmission and enables much more flexible use of cameras on site. Broadcasters can record much more material, work more creatively and bring fans even closer to the action on TV. We are very happy about the successful test runs that we are conducting together with our partner DAZN.”

Haruka Gruber, VP of media at DAZN DACH, said: “DAZN has revolutionized the way fans follow their sport. Together with Vodafone we are now also trying out a small revolution in the way live sport is produced. 5G and the resulting flexibility creates opportunities for DAZN to bring fans even closer to the action on the pitch in an uncomplicated manner.”



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