Mola TV taps Ateme for 4K Premier League live-streaming

Indonesian SVOD and streaming provider Mola TV has tapped video technology outfit Ateme to enable 4K UHD live streaming with Dolby Audio.

The deployment means that English Premier League (EPL) football matches with high-quality video and audio are now available to viewers in Indonesia.

According to Ateme, Mola TV opted for it to take advantage of Ateme’s complete streaming solution including encoders, packagers and a CDN, as well as its 4K UHD video compression.

The deployment involved Ateme’s Titan video compression and NEA packaging and CDN.

“The frontier for sports viewing keeps moving and audiences want to feel right in the action. We are delighted to be working with Mola TV to bring these experiences to soccer fans in Indonesia, with vivid 4K UHD live streaming of EPL matches and the Dolby Audio experience. Dolby Audio delivers crystal clarity, easy-to-hear dialogue, great detail, and realistic surround sound to make the entertainment one loves even better.” said Sean Tan, head of sales SEA at Ateme.

“We are thrilled to be the first OTT player to bring 4K UHD live streaming of EPL matches with Dolby Audio technology to our Indonesian viewers. 4K EPL viewing is now available across a range of devices, including both Android and Samsung TV (Tizen) platforms. Thanks to Ateme’s complete video streaming solution, soccer fans can enjoy an enhanced sports viewing experience wherever and whenever they want,” said CP Lee, CTO of Mola TV.

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