Iliad Telecom sees growth across all markets

Iliad Telecom, the French-based service provider owned by billionaire Xavier Niel, saw strong growth across its domestic and international businesses last year. The group grew its overall subscriber base by 2.03 million, including 1.7 million mobile and 345,000 fixed-line customers.

In France, where Iliad operates under the Free brand, the subscriber base grew by 439,000, with strong mobile and fibre growth.

In the highly competitive Italian market, where Iliad has acted as a disruptor in mobile, the group saw its base rise by 1.3 million, while in Poland, where Iliad recently consolidated mobile-centric service provider Play and acquired cable operator UPC Poland, the group added 181,000 new customers, including 131,000 contract customers.

Consolidated EBITDAaL amounted to €2.95 billion for the year, up 51%.

The year saw iliad delist following a €3.7 billion bond issue, giving the company more freedom to make external acqusitions.

“2021 was a year of transformation for iliad. We gained more independence by delisting, we pursued our European strategy, we addressed new market segments with the Cloud and B2B, and we saw strong sales and marketing successes in all three of our host countries. In 2022, as well as focusing on our many operational imperatives, we will continue to work hard to ensure that our Group remains people-focused, to keep our uniqueness, to reinforce our European dimension and to successfully carry out our environmental transition,” said CEO Thomas Reynaud.

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