Altice revamps senior management line-up

Alexandre Fonseca

Altice has made a series of senior management changes, promoting Altice Portugal CEO Alexandre Fonseca to co-CEO of Altice Group alongside finance chief Malo Corbin and technology and development head David Drahi.

Altice Group will now have three co-CEOs – Fonseca, who will be charged with coordinating the operations across different countries; Corbin, responsible for finance and M&A; and Drahi, the son of Altice founder Patrick Drahi, who will be in charge of development and technology.

Fonseca will also take the role of chairman of Altice Portugal but the CEO role in Portugal will pass to Ana Figueiredo, previously CEO of Altice Dominicana and a long-term Altice and Portugal Telecom executive.

Fonseca and Figueiredo will take up their new posts on April 2.

Patrick Drahi took full control of Altice Europe in January 2021, delisting the company from the Amsterdam stock exchange. The group’s senior management line-up previously comprised Patrick Drahi as president and executive director, co-founder Armando Pereira, who holds the role of chief operating officer, and Corbin, chief financial officer.


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