Seraphic updates HbbTV browser

Hybrid TV solutions provider Seraphic has upgraded its HbbTV browser SDK to version 6.0.

Based on the up-to-date Chromium browser engine, Seraphic’s HbbTV SDK 6.0 implements significant performance improvements, including support for the latest HbbTV 2.0.3 specification and the HbbTV-TA specification, providing essential technical support for ODM launching Addressable TV products. The company said that the update supports both Linux and Android platforms.

Some existing HbbTV features have been updated in line with the changes in the marketplace, including support for W3C media source extensions to compile advertising videos from the internet.

The upgrade comes after the HbbTV Association released the HbbTV specification for targeted advertising (HbbTV-TA). This is an open standard dedicated to targeted advertising in live broadcast TV that maximises the experience of previous HbbTV deployments, such as Media Synchronisation.

Xinwen Xue, VP product management at Seraphic, said: “We are confident that the open ecology-based HbbTV-TA specification will become the mainstream of DAI (Dynamic Ad Insertion) technology. Seraphic will continue to track the development of HbbTV specification and support richer protocol families to meet the needs of our ecological partners.”

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