Canal+ taps Ateme for low-latency Apple TV 4K streaming

Pay TV operator Canal+ has tapped technology outfit Ateme to launch an early deployment of OTT low-latency streaming on AppleTV 4K.

The implementation enables Canal+ subscribers to watch sports events via HD and UHD low latency streaming through the myCanal application with almost no delay compared to broadcast delivery, it is claimed. The service is available to any user via HLS compatible Apple TV 4K, iPad and iPhone devices.

Canal+ tapped Ateme’s Just-In-Time NEA packager, which the technology company now offers production-grade low latency in pull mode for both HLS and DASH.

Ateme says that by using its end-to-end OTT video delivery solution – which includes both its NEA and Titan products – content and streaming service providers are able to achieve a latency reduction from 40 seconds down to five. Ateme claims to be the first vendor to bring to market a low-latency Just in Time package.

“Keeping latency as low as possible while ensuring optimum visual quality is crucial for the viewer experience in live sports – think live football, rugby and Formula 1. But this has typically been a difficult strategy to balance. With Ateme’s NEA solution we’re able to offer both, without compromise,” said Philippe Rivas, distribution technical director at Canal+.

“There have been many demonstrations of low-latency streaming but few real-world deployments. Our work with Canal+ is a game changer. Bringing low latency streaming for UHD to end users is an exciting step in a long-established relationship between our two organizations. We’re delighted to have worked closely with the business to enable one of the first implementations of its kind,” said Damien Lucas, chief product officer of Ateme.

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