ViacomCBS migrates content distribution to IP with CommScope

ViacomCBS has announced the migration from satellite to IP content distribution with CommScope.

The broadcast giant has launched FAVE and migrated its DABL and select Showtime linear channels from satellite to Content Delivery Network (CDN) IP distribution using the CommScope DigiCipher Streaming system.

CommScope said that the migration represents the first ViacomCBS services to be fully transitioned from satellite to CDN IP.

The CommScope DigiCipher Streaming distribution system includes the following components: ME-7000 HEVC encoding, TME-2020 multiplexing / encryption, VDP-1000 packaging, BNC network management, and DSR-4470 IRDs.

CommScope added that the partnership will present ViacomCBS with efficiencies and cost savings.

Ric Johnsen, senior vice president and segment leader, Broadband Networks, CommScope, said: “Satellite bandwidth in the US will diminish by 60% in 2023 as a result of the successful 2020 FCC C-Band satellite auction. This creates an imperative for programmers to plan their eventual migration from satellite to CDN content distribution. Our DigiCipher Streaming system offers programmers like ViacomCBS a low-risk migration path that leverages their existing Integrated Receiver Decoders (IRDs) in the migration from satellite to CDN IP input, enables new distribution efficiencies, and eliminates service interruption.”

Hardys Eggum, senior vice president, Media Technology & Engineering, ViacomCBS, said: “The key to our decision was having the flexibility to choose a migration path and timeline that worked best for our unique business goals with the guarantee of zero service interruption. CommScope’s solution provided a redundant design that avoided transport loss when we experienced a primary CDN outage in migrating the DABL service. This is an incredible milestone as we continue to accelerate our technology transformation.”

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