Zeasn launches new turnkey solution

OTT provider Zeasn has released its latest turnkey smart TV solution based on Novatek chipsets.

Whale OS Turnkey 2.0 is built on the company’s existing smart TV OS, and offers new features including a customised UI and the “perfect native app experience” for TV viewers.

Whale OS serves as the core of Whale Ecosystem and has in-depth cooperation with top chip design companies to solve the problems of codec performance. The company has completed all the integration work with top streaming apps such as Netflix, YouTube and Prime Video.

Currently Whale OS Turnkey 2.0 has provided services for Linux=based smart TVs on Novatek chipsets.

Raymond Chung, chief technology officer of Zeasn said: “We are very proud to launch Whale OS Turnkey 2.0 that supports UI customization. In 2020, our Turnkey 1.0 solution successfully achieved mass production through cooperation with two of the world’s top smart TV manufacturers, TCL MOKA and TPV.

“Whale OS Turnkey 2.0 based on Novatek chipsets will provide more TV manufacturers and brand customers with perfect solutions to meet their needs, so they can truly differentiate their offerings in the market. Through the integration of the native world-class streaming apps, Whale OS will bring unparalleled experiences to our consumers across the world.”

Daniel Ping, assistant vice president of VISG/iHOME Division at Novatek, said: “We are very happy to work together with Netflix and Zeasn to collaborate on the Scaling Program of the Netflix native app and provide the Linux-based turnkey solution to our customers. Through the high-quality SoCs of Novatek, a wide variety of premium content from Netflix, and the industry-proven platform of Zeasn, we can help our customers quickly import their products and pass the Netflix certification, while ensuring our consumers to enjoy the incredible streaming service in any time.”


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