Media pundits back football reform and regulation

A number of top football pundits have called for the creation of an independent English football regulator. 

Gary Neville, Rio Ferdinand and Gary Lineker – all of whom are prominent pundits working for Sky Sports, BT and the BBC – along with more than 20 media figures have signed an open letter declaring that the sport needs an independent regulator following the botched breakaway European Super League

In the letter, the signees said that “without swift and direct intervention, the return of a European Super League will be a constant threat.”

The creation of an independent regulator for English football is an idea overwhelmingly popular with fans. Around the time of a similar power grab from the top teams in 2020 – the short-lived ‘Project Big Picture’ – a YouGov poll found that 79% of English football fans favoured independent regulation. 

In the wake of the ESL plans, the government announced a fan-led review of English football led by Tracy Crouch MP. There are hopes that this may lead to bring reforms to the structure of the game, while some parties are pushing for the 50+1 ownership model which has proved so successful in Germany.

The letter concludes: “We welcome the fan-led Government review of the game and hope it leads to lasting change on an array of important concerns; including coordinated strategies to deal with racism, supporters’ representation within clubs, LGBTQ issues, ticket costs and the distribution of income. All of those aims can be realised if we take decisive action now.”

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