YouTube TV launches on PlayStation 5 consoles

Google has launched its YouTube TV app on PlayStation 5 games consoles.

Arriving some six months after the console launched in November 2020, YouTube TV is a US-only cord-cutting TV service that starts from US$64.99 per month.

The app’s introduction will help to bridge the gap for streaming apps between the two leading games consoles – the Xbox Series X and S, and the aforementioned Sony console. YouTube TV has been available on the latest Xbox consoles since launch, largely due to the fact that it shares an operating system with the previous generation Xbox One system (the PS5 meanwhile has a brand new operating system).

A lack of streaming apps hasn’t stopped the PS5 from selling out almost instantaneously whenever it arrives in physical and digital stores. Stock shortages and difficulty in buying the PS5 has reportedly caused Sony to consider a redesigned console, due to a shortage of the required semiconductors.

For YouTube, the app launches amid an ongoing battle with Roku. The YouTube TV app has been removed from Roku’s devices following an attack from the company where it accused Google of attempting to control the platform’s user experience.

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