Video game viewers ‘more likely’ to sign up for SVOD services

People who watch video games are more likely are more likely to take up subscription video-on-demand services than the average user, while only a minority of US SVOD customers use streaming services more frequently than broadcast or cable TV, according to a survey by Juniper Research.

According to Juniper’s Digital TV & Video Streaming Survey: Consumer Attitudes 2018, based on a study of consumers in the US, UK and China, people who watched video games take an average of six SVOD services, compared to between two and three for non-gamers.

People who watch games are bigger consumers of video generally, with 70% watching streaming video services several times a day compared with 56% for the average users. However, only 26% of game stream viewers watch dedicated eSports events, the survey found.

The survey also found that only 35% of US SVOD users watch their streaming services more frequently than terrestrial or cable TV. Among sports streaming viewers, 92% reported watching sports content elsewhere in addition to on their streaming service.

Netflix was the market leader among SVOD players in the US and UK, used by over 80% of respondents in the two countries, and was the only provider expected to grow its share of existing SVOD users.

Amazon Prime Video was watched by over 50% of US respondents and 48% of UK respondents.

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