Vodafone España steps up battle to retain subscribers

Vodafone España has stepped up its fight against Telefónica’s assault on its subscriber base by offering its TV Total package free of charge to converged customers for one year.

TV Total is Vodafone’s most complete TV offering, with 120 channels and multiple on-demand services including HBO España and AXN Now exclusively.

The offer will be open to subscribers to the operator’s Vodafone One converged service who sign up between August 20 until September 30. Subscribers also have the option of adding Vodafone’s Cine pack for one year at half price and its truncated football package for €5 a month.

Vodafone is also gifting 25GB of additional data to contract mobile and convergent customers for September.

The TV Total offering means that Vodafone customers can have the package along with Vodafone One with 4GB of mobile data and 100Mbps fibre broadband for €52 a month.

Vodafone Cine pack provides recent releases such as Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Justice League from Movistar Estrenos along with video-on-demand service Filmin. Vodafone’s football offer – shorn of Movistar’s El Partizado and Liga de Campeones channels – provides eight La Liga matches per match day, the Copa del Rey and La Liga 1|2|3.

Vodafone’s move follows an aggressive marketing campaign by Telefónica’s Movistar+ service to target its subscribers in the wake of Vodafone’s decision not to take its complete football offering.

Vodafone this week filed complaints with Spanish regulator the CNMC alleging that Telefónica is taking advantage of its dominant position in the TV sector to reinforce its position in the fibre access market.

Vodafone took a decision in July not offer the El Partizado and Champions League channels, arguing it had become unsustainable to offer the channels at a reasonable price thanks to Telefónica’s demand for minimum guarantees as part of any deal.


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