Supermedium browser for web-based VR goes live

Supermedium, a new startup from members of the original Mozilla VR team, have launched a virtual reality browser for web VR content.

supermedium-screenshot_05_l8ow3jThe Supermedium VR browser was created by developers Diego Marcos and Kevin Ngo and technical artist Diego Goberna and is designed to let users experience VR without downloading large native apps.

“We are establishing the web as a legitimate foundation for VR, and for immersive platforms going forward,” said the three founders in a blog post.

“As there are a billion websites today, we are aiming for millions of VR sites in the future. And it starts with a browser.”

At launch Supermedium will feature a few dozen curated VR sites, with more to be added on a weekly basis.

“We witnessed first-hand how slow the web was to react to the rise of smartphones and app store ecosystems. We’re not going to let that happen again with VR,” said Ngo, Marcos and Goberna.

At the same time the company said that it is now being backed by startup accelerator Y Combinator, after being included in its winter 2018 startup batch.

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