Deutsche Telekom launches UHD TV box

Deutsche Telekom MR401 UHDDeutsche Telekom has launched its next-generation UHD TV and Netflix-enabled set-top box for its Entertain TV service.

Telekom initially unveiled its plan to launch the device at the IFA show earlier this year. The telco is launching two new boxes – the MR401 and MR201. Both will provide direct access to SVOD service Netflix and will be UHD TV-capable.

Entertain TV is providing UHD content from Telekom’s own on-demand service Videoload, YouTube and Sky as well as Netflix. It also carries the Insight TV channel, which carries technology , adventure, travel and extreme sports UHD content.

The MR401 is available at the same price as its predecessor, the MR400 – €4.95 a month. A removable hard disk enables recordings to be transferred to other devices.

The MR201 – designed for second and third TVs in the home, is available for €3.95 a month.

Entertain TV users wishing to view UHD TV services will require a Magenta L broadband connection, offering downstream speeds of up to 100Mbps.

Telekom has been trailing its UHD TV plans for some time. At MIP TV earlier this year Peter Kirchoff, the VP of content at the telco, said that planned ultimately to make eight UHD channels available.

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