Vodafone Spain launches eSports channel

vodafone-village-2016Vodafone España has launched a Vodafone-branded version of the Twitch eSports channel.

Esports Vodafone started broadcasting on Friday at 16:00 local time at the Gamergy event, airing direct from the stand of the G2 Vodafone team.

Over the weekend Esports Vodafone showed gamers from different teams in action along with interview an commentary. From today, the channel will be available daily from 15:00-23:00.

Content will include daily three-minute news show Speedrun, presented by Jen Herranz, a partner streamer in Twitch. Esports Vodafone will also air Esports Academy, featuring tutorials and advice from eSports professionals. The players and coaches of the different G2 Vodafone teams will have a prominent role.

Other features include A.M.A (Ask Me Anything) where members of the public can fire questions at leading eSports figures, Domingamers, a section airing from mid-July featuring four protagonists competing in different games, and a talk-show-type magazine that will air in the run-up to the videogaming season taking off in earnest in September.

Spanish operators and broadcasters have invested significantly in eSports over the past year, with Telefónica creating a dedicated eSports platform in partnership with ESL and Catalan broadcaster Mediapro investing In the Liga de VideoJuegos Profesinoal (LVP).


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