HbbTV Association joins with Smart TV Alliance

hbbtv logoThe HbbTV Association is set to merge the activities of the Smart TV Alliance into HbbTV, extending the scope of the HbbTV Specification to address OTT services.

Announcing the move, the two organisations said that combining their efforts will streamline standards for over-the-top services, providing a more efficient approach for manufacturers, broadcasters, content producers and developers.

The aim is for developers to create applications for broadcast and broadband delivery via connected TV or set-top-box using a common HbbTV Specification.

The HbbTV and STA organisations said they have already started technical collaborations and the necessary administrative actions to finalise this arrangement. The combination is expected to be completed within a year.

“Through the incorporation of Smart TV Alliance’s activities, HbbTV will be able to address the combined scope of broadcast and over-the-top services with a shared focus on delivering the HbbTV Specification that best meets the needs of these converging markets,” said Klaus Illgner, chairman of the HbbTV Association Steering Group.

Merwan Mereby, president of Smart TV Alliance, said: “Our combined efforts will bring a new level of innovation to consumer entertainment services. Consumers will see more TV applications and enjoy better interactive experiences when accessing entertainment or information services from their smart TVs or set-top-boxes.”

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