Netflix hit by Olympics viewing

netflixNetflix has taken a hit as US viewers opt for the Olympics over Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black and other content on the streaming service.

Tech firm Procera measures traffic to Netflix and noted a 10% drop over the course of the opening weekend of the Games, currently being held in Brazil, which go out on NBC in the US.

Procera VP of global marketing, Cam Cullen, noted there was a sharp downturn in Netflix traffic during the opening ceremonies, although recovers thereafter. The 10% decline in traffic to the streaming service, while significant, is still considerably less than the 25% hit Netflix took at the start of the London Games.

“The overall usage during the event is less than normal (by about 25%), but we will watch to see if the loss ismaintained during the week,” Cullen noted.

Outside of the Olympics, Netflix is being credited with having the TV hit of the summer in Stranger Things. While there are no engagement numbers from the streaming firm, data the likes of Parrot Analytics shows it is the watercooler show of the moment. A second season order is now widely considered a formality.

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