YouTube opens French content studio

youtube_logo_standard_againstwhiteYouTube has confirmed it is opening a studio for YouTube content creators in Paris, claiming the city has given rise to “one of the world’s most vibrant YouTube communities.”

The production facility is located at the Google Paris Headquarters that will provide training programs and production equipment to help local creators collaborate and experiment with new content for global audiences.

“Creators of all kinds are building global followings on YouTube from Paris, such as Cyprien, whose comedy shorts have been viewed nearly one billion times, to E-penser, who regularly entertains half a million fans with educational videos on subjects such as general relativity and time travel. And the audience loves what they are doing— viewers are watching YouTube 60% more than last year,” said David Ripert, head of YouTube Space EMEA.

The studio is the seventh YouTube Space to open, joining similar studios in Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Tokyo, New York and Sao Paolo.

Reports in the French press first emerged last month claiming YouTube planned to open a YouTube Space in Paris.

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