YipTV launches OTT TV service for expats and immigrants in US

US-based YipTV has launched a new OTT TV service aggregating channels from around the world to distribute to multilingual consumers in the US. 

The YipTV service – an acronym for Your Individualised Personalised TV, according to the company – will provide access to a range of 50 international services on a rolling contract for US$14.99 a month. The service will be available online, on smart TVs, on Android and iOS devices and on Google Chromecast devices.

Channels on the platform will include BeIN Sports, Hola TV and Antena 3 from Spain, Azteca from Mexico, TYC Sports from Argentina, NTN24 from Colombia, pan-Latin American channel Canal Sur and Russia Today from Russia.

“Advancements in technology have made the world seem smaller and smaller. YipTV is now using the latest technology to expand entertainment options and provide value to the customer,” said YipTV CEO and co-founder Michael Tribolet.

“We are not just reorganising the way people access channels that have been available for years. With YipTV, people with emotional and family ties overseas can watch programmes that they are familiar with at a reasonable price. They can watch live news broadcasts from the city where they grew up, or share an experience with loved ones back home. YipTV provides more than just high-quality programming; it is also a way to stay connected with your local community and home town.”

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