Mobiles and tablets account for 27% of online video views

Mobile and tablet viewing now accounts for 27% of all online video plays, according to Ooyala’s second quarter Global Video Index Report. 

The video publishing and analytics firm said that mobile video viewing rose by six percentage points between February and June 2014.

In the past year, mobile video viewing more than doubled, increasing 127% year-on-year and by a massive 400% in the past two years, according to Ooyala.

Other finding in the study included: mobile viewers spend 45% of their time watching videos of six minutes or less in length; on tablets, viewers spent 23% of their time watching video of 30-60 minutes in length; and on connected TVs, viewers spent 65% of their time watching videos 30 minutes or longer.

“This data is indicative of the dramatic multiscreen shift occurring in the industry. Greater consumption of high-value content across multiple device types, along with more granular data on consumption habits and trends, underscores the need for sophisticated analytics to inform programming and monetisation strategies,” said Jay Fulcher, chief executive officer of Ooyala.

Separately, Cisco has forecast that by 2018 mobile video traffic could make up 69% percent of the world’s internet traffic.

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