Smartphone ownership to reach 67% by end of 2018

Smartphone ownership will reach 66.5% and tablet ownership 19.8% in the world’s top 47 digital countries by the end of 2018, according to ZenithOptimedia. The media agency’s New Media Forecasts report claims that smartphone penetration was 49.5% last year and will reach 55.7% this year, while tablet penetration has climbed from just 5.3% in 2012 […]

Mobile video traffic to increase eight-fold

Video traffic over smartphones will increase by nearly eight times between 2014 and 2019, according to Juniper research.  The new ‘mobile data offload and onload’ report estimates that the average monthly data usage by smartphone and tablet users will double over the next four years, bolstered by the rise in 4G adoption and factors such […]

Mobile video traffic to grow seventeen-fold

Total mobile video traffic in the next six years will be around 17 times that of last six years, according to the latest Ericsson mobility report.  The global research, published ahead of Mobile World Congress next week, claims that two-thirds of app data traffic over mobile networks comes from just five of the most popular […]

‘Significant increase’ in no-TV households, says Ofcom

Digital TVs can now be found in 96% of UK homes, but there has been a “significant increase” in the proportion of homes without, according to Ofcom. The UK broadcast regulator’s ‘Consumer Experience of 2014’ research report claims that that since 2013 the proportion of households with digital TVs has fallen from 98% to 96%. […]

US live TV viewing slides as broadband-only household numbers increase

The number of broadband-only households in the US has climbed by 112% year-on-year, with the average adult also watching less live TV than a year ago, according to Nielsen.  The research firm’s Total Audience Report for the third quarter of 2014 claims that more choices are being driven by technology and that 3% of US […]

Mobile viewing to drive in-app ad revenues

Roughly 60% of smartphone and tablet users watch between one and five hours of TV or video on these mobile platforms each week, according to Parks Associates.  The US research firm said that this video consumption will help drive in-app ad revenues to more than US$5.6 billion by 2017, with 44% of tablet owners and […]

UK TV viewing still 98.5% done on traditional sets

A massive 98.5% of UK TV viewing was done on a traditional TV set last year, with viewing on devices such as tablets, smartphones and PCs accounting for only the remaining 1.5%, according to new stats. The research, by UK commercial TV marketing body Thinkbox and linear TV measurement firm BARB, claimed that the viewing […]

Planet Knowledge VoD launches in UK and Ireland

Planet Knowledge, an on-demand joint venture between video-on-demand provider VOD365 and TV app provider Vonetize, has launched on Samsung’s smart TV platform, tablets and smartphones in the UK and Ireland.  Planet Knowledge offers a range of factual programming across nature, science and technology, history, education, kids, travel, adventure, lifestyle programming from content providers including Sky […]

‘TV devices’ to reach 7 billion by 2017

The global installed base of ‘TV-addressable screens’ is in the midst of a second wave of rapid expansion, driven by mobile devices, according to new research by StrategyAnalytics. The research firm said that tablets and smartphones, combined with traditional TV sets, increased the total number of TV addressable devices to 5.1 billion at the end […]

Smartphone video traffic growing 55% annually

Smartphone video traffic is growing by 55% annually and will represent more than 50% percent of the mobile data traffic in 2019, according to new research by Ericsson.  The Ericsson Mobility Report predicts that total smartphone traffic will grow by 10 times between 2013 and 2019, reaching 10 exabytes. It also predicts that social networking […]