Webinar | Age of Discovery: can effective recommendation power the content aggregator model?

The rise of streaming services, on-demand viewing and the battle for consumers’ attention are transforming the role of the video service provider before our eyes.

With providers increasingly aggregating content from different sources with their own offerings, effective content discovery is emerging as a key differentiator in an intensely competitive market.

But getting consumers to the content that will keep them with you is extremely challenging. Critical to delivering discovery tools that engage viewers is mastery of metadata. But what does this mean in practice?

By joining us for this webinar, you’ll learn:

  •  What is the market opportunity for compelling content discovery features and what challenges do providers face in unlocking them?
  •  How can providers get consumers to engage with search and recommendation tools which are often underused?
  • Can content discovery effectively drive differentiation among service providers and what business models is it best-placed to support?
  • What significant innovations hold the potential to transform content discovery as we know it?

Join our panel of experts from research powerhouse Omdia, service provider and aggregation pioneer Virgin Media and entertainment metadata and technology leader Gracenote for market insight and in-depth discussion of the key issues.

Andrew Jones, Head of Digital Entertainment Product Operations, Virgin Media
Merrick Kingston, Associate Director, Research & Analysis, Digital Media & Video Technology, Omdia
Raimond Van Raamsdonk, Director of Product Management, Gracenote
Stuart Thomson, Editor, Digital TV Europe

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