DTVE Digital Symposium 2020 | Keeping up with the customer: Quality of Experience and subscriber retention

Service providers are turning to OTT technology to deliver a wider range of services more cost-effectively. As competition intensifies, they are under pressure to acquire and retain customers but at a lower cost. At the same time consumers are demanding a better Quality of Experience.

How can the service provider deliver high QoE that can help retain customers while keeping costs down? This session will address some of the ways in which high-quality delivery of video entertainment services can be managed to help operators meet their subscriber acquisition and retention goals while keeping costs down.

Join us for this webinar, and you will learn:

  • What are the key features that attract and retain video customers?
  • Can OTT match broadcast for Quality of Experience?
  • How can service providers maintain QoE while keeping costs down?
  • How can service providers optimise their investment in technology?

In his opening presentation, Omdia’s Andrew Young will address:

  • Why the challenges and pay-offs of Quality of Experience are different in an OTT environment.
  • What is the role that Quality of Experience plays in subscriber retention?
  • What are the key technologies available to deliver a compelling service?
  • How to create an operational approach to managing Quality of Experience. A strategic primer.

Stuart Thomson, Editor of Digital TV Europe,
Remi Beaudouin, Chief Strategy Officer, ATEME,
Alejandro Casal Gómez, Manager TV Business Development, KPN
Andrew Young, Principal Analyst, Media Delivery, Omdia

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