Announcing the next DTVE Digital Symposium – Sponsorship opportunities

DTVE Digital Symposium Q4 2020

Join DTVE in partnership with research powerhouse Omdia for our next symposium on some of the key trends driving change in digital video. Industry experts including video service providers, technologists and top analysts discuss some of the most pressing issues and opportunities confronting the industry.

Symposium sessions:

Day One – Tuesday 24 November
3pm GMT: Android TV: the next phase

Day Two – Thursday 26 November
3pm GMT: Advanced advertising and streaming

Day Three – Tuesday 1 December
3pm GMT: Cloud-based video: from IPTV to OTT

Day Four – Thursday 3 December
3pm GMT: Broadcast goes IP: managing the transition

Day Five – Tuesday 8 December
3pm GMT: Quality Experience: customer acquisition and retention

Day Six – Thursday 10 December
3pm GMT: Live-streaming: overcoming the challenges, creating the opportunities

Alternative sessions:

-The smart home and TV
-Personalisation: keeping the customer, monetising the content

Sponsorship opportunities

The DTVE Digital Symposium comes as the complete solution and includes: symposium session set-up, development and production, speaker recruitment, promotion, management and reporting.

The DTVE Digital Symposium allows you to reach and engage with TV operators globally through a thought-leadership digital event and generate qualified leads.

Limited speaking and sponsorship packages are available.

Contact Patricia Arescy for more information

Omdia Analyst presentations by:

Merrick Kingston
Associate Director, Research and Analysis, Media Delivery

Andrew Young
Associate Director, Research and Analysis, Media Delivery

Samuel McLaughlin
Senior Research Analyst, Media Delivery

Stelios Kotakis
Senior Research Analyst, Media Delivery

Moderator: Stuart Thomson    
Digital TV Europe