Digi progresses Belgian launch, new name in Romania

Digi Belgian HQ

Source: Digi

Romania-based multinational operator Digi has opened its new Belgian HQ ahead of the planned launch of services in that country this summer.

Digi plans to offer mobile phone and data services, fixed internet and television specifically tailored to the needs of the local market.

Following a tender organized in June 2022 by the Belgian Institute for Postal and Telecommunications Services (BIPT), through a joint venture with Citymesh NV, part of the Cegeka group, Digi won the rights to use some frequencies in the mobile spectrum, which will allow it to build a new fixed and mobile communications network. Digi Belgium will enter the telecommunications market as the fourth provider of converged electronic communications services.

The inauguration event of the subsidiary office of Digi Belgium was attended by Petra de Sutter, deputy prime minister of the Belgian Federal Government, Mitch de Geest, director general of Citymesh, Valentin Popoviciu, executive director of Digi Group and Jeroen Degadt, director general of DIGI Belgium.

The operator is commissioning and constructing both a fibre network, with over 60,000 homes passed in Brussels, and a 4G and 5G mobile network, forecast to reach 4,500 mobile sites in the coming years.

“In developing our offer, we started from the needs of Belgian consumers. Research by BIPT shows that tariffs for telecommunications services are significantly higher than in neighboring countries. DIGI has the necessary technical expertise and the Group has already had successful launches in new markets. By virtue of this experience, we are confident that we can expand our network in an efficient and cost-effective manner. All this will allow us to practice fair and transparent prices. Telecommunications services are a fundamental right and our mission is to make them accessible and convenient for everyone ,” said Degadt.

New name in Romania

Separately, Digi’s Romanian operation, hitherto called RCS&RDS, has changed its name to Digi Romania.

The rebranding moves the company away from its legacy as a cable operator to a broader communications provider.

At the end of 2023, Digi passed over 9.1 million homes through its extensive fibre infrastructure and served over 5.7 million subscribers with its television service, 4.6 million customers with broadband services (fixed internet and data),over 5.8 million mobile phone users and 890,000 landline subscribers in the local market.

“Throughout the three decades of activity, we have grown and evolved alongside our employees, clients and business partners, constantly innovating and adapting to a dynamic and highly competitive market, out of the desire to deliver the most affordable services electronic communications. We are grateful for their support and loyalty, and we assure them that we will remain the same trusted partner to build a more sustainable and connected digital future together. Under the new identity, Digi Romania, we are approaching a new stage in our trajectory. We aim to explore new opportunities to meet the increasingly complex expectations and requirements of our subscribers, through high-performance solutions designed to facilitate and improve the connectivity experience,” said Serghei Bulgac, general manager of Digi Romania.

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