Poland’s Vectra launches sports-themed offering

ybnik, Poland - June 4, 2021: Vectra S.A., one of the largest cable TV operators in Poland

Source: Alamy.com

Polish cable operator Vectra is launching a new sports-themed package, with availability free of charge for six months.

The new sports-themed offering includes Vectra’s Gold package with 142 channels along with a Smart 4K Box set-top and 600Mbps internet.

Users can activate the plan for PLN79.99 (US$20.40) and will receive it at no further charge for six months, except for the monthly modem rental charge of PLN4.99.

In terms of sports, the offering includes access rto the Eleven and Sport na Ostro packages, which include Eurosport 2, Fight Klub HD, E-sport, Polsat Sport Extra, MotoWizja HD, Golf Channel Polska, Extreme, Ginx Esports and Gametoon.

After the promotional period expires, users will be charged PLN95 a month, with discounts available for marketing opt-ins, e-invoicing and a commitment to on-time payments, for a 24-month contract.

The package is also available alongside the Canal+ Prestige pack, which includes a total of 27 sports channels. Customers to this combination can also have internet access at up to 600Mbps and the Golden Television package, which includes premium offerings Sport na Ostro and Eleven as well as Canal+ Prestige, free of charge for the first six months of a 24-month contract, excluding the PLN79.99 activation fee and the modem rental. Following the promotional period, the offering is available for PLN115 a month.

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