The Sandbox and Virtual Brand Group team for The Voice game

The Voice game

Source: ITV

Gaming platform The Sandbox has partnered with metaverse experience specialist Virtual Brand Group to launch an immersive gaming experience based on the ITV Studios talent show format The Voice.

The Voice Coach Battle will enable fans of the show to take on the role of celebrity coach, sitting in the show’s famous red chair with the power to press the big red button, in a game that enables them to lead talent and adapts to choices made.

Users of the game will be empowered to play along with season 25 of US broadcaster NBC’s version of The Voice.

At the ‘The Voice Coach Battle’ Live Show, players have the opportunity to support their chosen artist as they perform the selected song and wear the chosen outfit. The player-designed stage serves as a backdrop for the performance. To win, the artist will have to secure a standing ovation.

“It’s showtime in the Sandbox. The future of entertainment is here now with new ways to unite and delight ‘The Voice’ fans globally. Collaborating with ITV Studios and the Sandbox created a unique opportunity for VBG to merge the physical and digital worlds with three innovations: the first time global TV territories have united in one activation; first game experience on the platform with dynamic choices so every player decision creates a new outcome and television’s first ever virtual coaches”, said Justin W. Hochberg, CEO of Virtual Brand Group.

Jurian van der Meer, EVP brand licensing, global partnerships, ITV Studios said: “In the wake of ‘The Voice’ being named Franchise of the Year in K7 Media’s ‘Tracking the Giants 2023’ report, alongside its recognition for boasting the highest number of active versions in 2023, our collaboration with The Sandbox to launch ‘The Voice Coach Battle’ represents an exciting step forward for our esteemed franchise.”

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