French government aims for public media merger by 2026

Credit: Nathalie Guyon (Source: France Télévisions)

The French government now plans to merge the country’s public service audiovisual media at the start of 2026, following the creation of a holding company next year.

According to an amendment lodged on Friday, which will be put before the French parliament tomorrow, the holding company will group together France Télévisions, Radio France, France Médias Monde and the INA, with all grouped together in a merged entity, France Médias, from January 1 2026.

According to the proposals, put forward by culture minister Rachida Dati, the CEO of France Médias will be nominated by media and telecom regulator ARCOM for a period of five years through a transparent, open and non-discriminatory process.

The amendment hods that the reform  of public media will help create a richer offer that will be better positioned to reach the entirety of the French population through all distribution channels.

The amendment was supported by the two parties supporting the government of president Emmanuel Macron, Renaissance and Horizons.

The government faces opposition from unions representing the employees of Radio France and France Télévisios to any form of merger, and a strike of Radio France employees is on the cares for May 23 and May 24.

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