Samba TV enhances GenAI technology suite for advertising

Omniscreen tech company Samba TV has introduced new capabilities for the company’s suite of generative AI technologies – Samba AI.

Samba TVThe new capabilities provide a real-time, second-by-second understanding of everything seen on-screen, according to Samba TV. This includes facial recognition in programming, logo, object, and product recognition for both brands and their competitors. Along with sentiment and human behavioural analysis, understanding the emotions of people on-screen and the context of their interactions, as well as brand safety detection, including language and violence.

During a beta trial, advertisers will be able to leverage the new technology provided by Samba AI as a prompt to create targeting segments that engage audiences who have seen a specific brand or product. The company said.

They can also leverage the contextual insights about what’s happening in a video to create data-targeting segments that are relevant to their brand. Additionally, advertisers and publishers can better measure campaign and sponsorship performance with automated insights.

“We’re entering the fifth generation of TV data which will be powered by AI and led by Samba AI,” said Ashwin Navin, Co-Founder & CEO of Samba TV. “TV data has evolved from paper diaries and people meters, to set-top-box data and Automated Content Recognition, which Samba TV invented more than a decade ago. Samba TV is once again at the forefront of disruption with Samba AI, which provides advertisers and publishers more meaningful insights into the context of what’s happening on TV, demonstrating that context is as crucial as the content itself.”

He added,”we will continue to launch new capabilities with Samba AI that empower advertisers to engage target audiences with impactful cross-screen ads, and enable publishers to monetize with new forms of contextual data.”

Samba TV will showcase the new advancements to Samba AI at the 2024 IAB NewFronts in September.

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