Broadpeak to power targeted advertising for TF1+

French public broadcaster TF1 has chosen CDN technology provider Broadpeak to power its targeted ad insertion on its newly launched streaming service TF1+

TF1 logoTF1 will leverage with the company’s Dynamic Ad Insertion service. It will utilise the Spot2Spot feature, which the tech outfit said is a unique SSAI-based spot level ad replacement service for live video streaming, comprehensive ad tracking, and ad impression analytics. The capability is designed to enhance ad monetisation for publishers and content providers, says Broadpeak.

TF1 is also simultaneously running the Broadpeak BPK SmartLib SDK on players to benefit from IAB Open Measurement certified ad tracking. According to Broadpeak, the ad tracking functionality ensures compliance with Total Video measurement requirements, providing advertisers and agencies with trusted data for effective campaign management.

The free-to-view streaming service launched at the start of the year, replacing the broadcaster’s MYTF1 service. TF1+ is available on the web and mobile applications, as well as on 95% of connected TVs in France. TF1 has plans to roll out the recently launched streamer into international markets, starting in June.

Broadpeak said the partnership marks TF1+ as the first live addressable TV service to be monetised at the spot level using its server-side technology (SSAI).

Francois Xavier Pierrel, chief data and ad-tech officer at TF1, said: “By harnessing the power of Broadpeak’s advanced SSAI technology, we can deliver personalized advertisements to audiences at scale, boosting our monetization and creating a more engaging and immersive streaming experience.”

Jacques Le Mancq, CEO at Broadpeak, said: “Our SSAI-based solution empowers TF1 to deliver the most relevant ads to viewers within live advertising breaks, unlocking new revenue streams.”

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