Pluto TV France adds FASTs Realmadrid TV and Pluto TV Western

FAST platform Pluto TV France has added the Realmadrid TV channel to its roster of offerings.

Fans of Spanish football and the Merengue club will have access to a range of content around Real Madrid club.

Realmadrid TV offers a wide variety of content around the Madrid club, including the latest news, interviews with players, coaches and staff, magazines, behind the scenes and training sessions. Viewers will be able to follow analyses, documentaries that retrace the life of the club, player profiles and moments that have marked the team’s history.

Pluto TV France noted that Real Madrid is one of the football clubs with the most fans in the world and, with over 500 million followers, is the most followed club on social media globally.

Separate, Pluto TV France has added, a dedicated channel dedicated to Western movies, Pluto TV Western.

The channel will feature a range of classic movies including The Quiet Man by John Ford with John Wayne; 7 Men to Kill by Budd Boetticher with Lee Marvin and Randolph Scott; The Last Train from Gun Hill by John Sturges with Kirk Douglas and Anthony Quinn; The Pioneer’s Wife by Joseph Kane with John Wayne and Vera Ralston; The Desert Rider with Gary Cooper; and On the Road South with Jack Nicholson.

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