Freeview hits TV milestone


Source: Freeview

UK free-to-view TV platform Freeview is present on close to 23 million TVs sold in the UK since 2014, according to organization, citing statistics from the GFK, PTV Panel.

Freeview’s connected TV platform, Freeview Play, delivers live, catch up, and on-demand content free of charge and is built into most new TVs sold in the UK.

According to Freeview, Freeview Play provides access to over 60,000 hours of on-demand content and over 1,500 boxsets.

The platform provides 70 standard and a selection of HD live channels, 30 radio stations and 12 on-demand players

“Since launch, Freeview has continued to grow and bring the best of free TV into people’s homes.” says Owen Jenkinson, Director of Freeview.

“This new milestone cements the appetite for free, accessible TV in the UK as new players and channels continue to be added to the service every year at no cost to viewers.”

The Freeview platform is operationally managed by Everyone TV (previously Digital UK). The companies have three common shareholders – the BBC, ITV, and Channel 4. Sky is a shareholder in Freeview and Channel 5 is a shareholder in Everyone TV.

Everyone TV is set to launch new free-to-view hybrid IP and broadcast platform Freely sometime in the second quarter.

The new HbbTV OpApp-based platform is designed to enable broadcasters and video service providers to deliver a set-top-like user experience on smart TVs without the need for a set-top, and help transition them in time to a fully IP-based future.

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