Deutsche Telekom expands TV base in Germany and Europe

Source: Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom’s domestic German Magenta TV service expanded its base by over 200,000 last year to reach over 4.3 million, a higher rate of increase than overall broadband growth, where Telekom added 300,000 customers to take it to a total of 15 million.

In the fourth quarter, Magenta TV in Germany added 68,000 customers, a higher number of additions than the comparable quarter in 2022 and higher than the number of additional broadband customers gained, which stood at 68,000.

The company’s fibre broadband base meanwhile rose by 273,000 over the quarter to end on 12.9 million.

For the rest of Europe, Telekom added 152,000 TV customers to take its total to 4.3 million. Broadband numbers grew by 407,000 to take the broadband total to seven million.

For the rest of Europe segment, Telekom added 37,000 TV customers over the quarter, compared with 76,000 broadband additions.

The TV and broadband growth came amid a set of solid overall results for Telekom, with targets being met and forecasts of accelerated profit growth next year.

The telco posted overall revenues for the year of €112 billion, up 0.6%, and adjusted EBITDAaL of €40.5 billion, up 3.6%, with net profit more than doubling to €17.8 billion. The latter was boosted by the sale of Telekom’s cell tower business and Austria. Q4 saw a loss of €1 billion, driven by interest rate-based impairment losses on the remaining shareholding in Austria’s GD Towers.

“In a world with many challenges, we again delivered with our usual reliability in 2023,” said Tim Höttges, CEO of Deutsche Telekom.

“Thanks to our growing businesses on both sides of the Atlantic, we are confident we will up the ante yet again in 2024.”

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