Roku UK upgrades user experience with new content discovery and personalisation features

Source: Roku

Streaming operator Roku has introduced three new content discovery and personalisation features to its model in the UK, including What to Watch, Continue Watching, and Save List in aim to advance the user experience. 

The new features will roll out to Roku streaming players in the coming weeks, followed by Roku TV models in the coming months.

Located within the navigation menu on the Home Screen, What to Watch provides easy access to a personalised selection of recommendations for users based on popular content, subscriptions, and their own viewing habits.

Continue Watching gives users a single location to jump back into the content they are watching. The features sits within What to Watch this feature, designed to make it easier for users to resume watching of what they were previously streaming.

Lastly, Save List also available within What to Watch, provides a single destination for users to quickly access content they’ve tagged to watch later. Users can easily add filma and shows from across the Roku platform to their Save List of content they want to stream.

The rollout of new personalised content discovery features follows the launch of JVC Roku TV models at Currys last month.

Richard Halton, director at Roku UK said: “Our mission is to be the streaming platform that connects and benefits the entire TV ecosystem. A testament to that promise is the upcoming launch of our content discovery features that empower users to find the TV shows and movies they want to watch; thereby expanding the reach and potential of our content partners. Users benefit from a more personalised content experience, content partners gain broader exposure and opportunities, and marketers enjoy a highly targeted marketing environment, fostering a win-win-win scenario within the Roku ecosystem.”  

“There is so much great TV available across an array of streaming services, and sometimes deciding what to watch can be overwhelming,” said Sally Nelson, director UK product growth. “Roku’s simple and intuitive home screen makes it a smart TV choice for consumers. By personalising the way our customers connect with the content they love and offering more ways to discover new content, our users can access entertainment with ease.”

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