HbbTV Association upgrades test suite and DASH DRM

HbbTV Association upgrades test suite and DASH DRMHybrid TV standards body, the HbbTV Association has unveiled enhancements to its HbbTV Test Suite and the DASH DRM Reference Application.

Developed by the HbbTV Testing Group, the 2023-1 HbbTV Test Suite provides a total 2,987 tests of which 2,385 are approved. It comes as an aim to continuously improve the quality and coverage of the Test Suite.

The HbbTV Test Suite is a tool for device manufacturers to verify compliance of their products with the most current HbbTV specifications and their features. The Test Suite is available through one of the registered HbbTV test centres as well as to HbbTV members for use in their own facilities.

The upgraded DASH-DRM Reference Application include streams using PlayReady Security Level 3000 and streams using the AES-CBCS encryption scheme. DASH updates also include a selection of tests for multi-period DASH that simulate the contents of a stream after server-side ad-insertion has taken place.

The DASH DRM is designed for TV set manufacturers, broadcasters, and national testing regimes for testing TV sets and content regarding their support of different DASH video streams and DRM encryption decoding.

The version now features tests for persistent DRM licences and streams that can be decrypted using a choice of several DRM systems.

“This new update reflects the continuous work of the HbbTV Association and its partners to facilitate the conformance of devices and applications with the HbbTV specifications. This enables a compelling TV experience for viewers while broadcasters and platform operators benefit from new features and improved monetisation opportunities, for example in targeted advertising,” said Vincent Grivet, Chair of the HbbTV Association

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