HbbTV Association unveils new version of its core specification

The HbbTV Association has announced the new version 2.0.4 of its core specification designed for delivery of advanced interactive TV services through broadcast and broadband networks for connected TV sets and set-top boxes.

The version 2.0.4 includes an integration with voice assistants, with accessibility features such as dialogue enhancement or user interface magnification. Alongside a new DVB-I standard, enabling HbbTV red buttons applications to be used with live/linear TV services received as a DVB-I stream via broadband networks.

HbbTV said its availability depends on the TV set or set-top box supporting the underlying feature.

The company has made futher minor enhancements and fixed errors from previous versions of the HbbTV specification.

“This new version of the HbbTV core specification represents a huge amount of work by our members over the last 18 months. With this new milestone, the key global and European stakeholders of the TV world have evidenced their commitment to make sure HbbTV is always and fully up to the challenges of bringing a compelling TV experience to viewers,” said Vincent Grivet, chairman of the HbbTV Association.

Jon Piesing, HbbTV vice-chairman and chairman of the specification group which spearheaded the specification development process, added: “We are excited about the opportunities HbbTV 2.0.4 creates to improve the experiences for users of HbbTV applications and services. Integration with voice assistants is significant as voice input becomes more widely used in user interfaces of TV sets and other home devices. Accessibility features are an essential addition in the context of the European Accessibility Act. Integration with DVB-I is important as the distribution of live/linear programming via IP streams to TV sets becomes more widespread in the future.”

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