HbbTV Association releases Conformance Test Suite update

The HbbTV Association has announced the release of a new version of its Conformance Test Suite. 

The HbbTV Conformance Test Suite is a tool for device manufacturers to verify compliance of their products with the most current HbbTV specifications and their new features.

V2022-1 is the first major release of the Test Suite in 2022. It contains 3,002 test cases in total, and an increase of 101 approved test cases since the v2021-3 release.

The Association said that many of the tests are to increase test coverage for the Low Latency streaming and Targeted Advertising features while also improving the quality of tests across many areas of the core HbbTV specification.

Vincent Grivet, chair of the HbbTV Association, said: “The release of the new HbbTV Compliance Test Suite version, offering enhanced and increased verification possibilities, perfectly illustrates the constant adjustment of the HbbTV specifications to market requirements. The extended Test Suite ensures that existing and new features, enriching viewers’ TV experience, quickly and smoothly reach HbbTV-compliant TV sets and set-top boxes.”

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