UEI launches low-power chip platform for TV remotes

Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) has revealed a new low-power chip platform with energy harvesting for TV remotes.

The QuickSet-certified connectivity silicon products use Extreme Low-Power, energy-harvesting and high-performance technology, and were revealed at CES 2022 by the firm.

The platform promises to offer benefits including up to 2.5 times more processing power than current generation SOCs, up to 80% lower power consumption, integrated energy harvesting and superior power management.

Two products will be available at launch. The first is the UA961 which offers the full capabilities of the extreme low-power silicon with support for Bluetooth LE connectivity that is Bluetooth 5.2 compliant. The second is the UE962 which adds support for the built-in energy harvesting capabilities.

UEI said that it will launch a multi-protocol version with added 802.15.4 in its next phase.

UEI Senior Vice President of Product & Technology Arsham Hatambeiki, said: “We are proud of the success with our previous generation of wireless SoCs now powering over 180 million connected products, enabling advanced universal control and connectivity on a range of products. We are excited to bring sustainability and increased performance by expanding our portfolio, that can further elevate the potential of our customers’ products. We are focused on the energy as the currency for connected devices in the home, effectively eliminating the need to replace batteries in future products and creating a frictionless and enhanced user experience for consumers.”

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