Conviva moves into advertising audience measurement

Streaming media measurement firm Conviva is expanding its business into advertising audience measurement.

The company has announced the availability of its technology and real-time data to enable end-to-end advertising audience measurement for its publisher customers and their ecosystem partners

The company said that it will deliver “unique, innovative, and industry-changing solutions” based on session-level and census-leven measurement; future-proofed identity; ecosystem interoperability; publisher control; and Conviva certification. 

The move is being led by new president and CEO Keith Zubchevich, who said: “Today Conviva is already underfoot with premium publishers, collecting 3 trillion streaming events daily with insight into 500 million unique viewers globally. The fact is Conviva has already solved for the incredibly complex challenge of standardized, census-level streaming measurement and is now working with our premium publishers and their ecosystem partners to introduce a new standard of audience measurement and quality to the global industry, to enable long-overdue innovation and change.”

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