ORS launches smart TV apps from 3SS

Austrian pubcaster ORS’s simpliTV service has launched a number of smart TV apps using technology provided by 3 Screen Solutions.

The apps are now live and delivering a UX via DVB-T2 terrestrial, DVB-S2 satellite and OTT for Samsung Tizen and Android TV smart TV owners across Austria.

According to 3SS, the apps enable switching between DVB-T2 live TV to timeshift via streaming and, as a result, for Samsung and Android TVs, the app provides a unified home of three simpliTV services: simpliTV Antenne, ORS’ original over-the-air service launched in 2013, simpliTV SAT and simpliTV Streaming.

Both terrestrial and satellite apps can automatically build channel line-ups displayed in the new UI in accordance with regional availability of over-the-air digital terrestrial services according to 3SS.

According to the tech outfit, the hybrid configuration enables dynamic offloading of live TV onto reliable broadcast technology to maximise bandwidth efficiency and quality.

The new simpliTV app is available on 2021 Samsung smart TVs sold in Austria and also automatically installs on newly purchased 2019 and 2020 models.

3SS has also developed a third simpliTV app to support OTT viewing on LG webOS smart TVs.

The new smart TV apps are designed to complement ORS’s existing FireTV and web apps, and its apps for Android and iOS mobile devices.

“We needed to create a new way of watching TV to meet the ever-higher expectations of many of today’s consumers, including streaming enthusiasts; we wanted to broaden our audience in this way while continuing to embrace our many viewers who prefer a more traditional TV experience,” said Thomas Langsenlehner, CEO of simpli services.

“It was important to us to enrich the classic, linear broadcast big-screen UX with innovative features that streaming technology brings, such as catchup, timeshift and Network PVR, and to deliver it all to viewers in one attractive, easy-to-navigate app.”

Kai-Christian Borchers, 3SS managing director, said: “We are extremely proud to help ORS deliver a next-gen big-screen viewing experience for Austria’s consumers.”

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