DTVE announces webinar on driving subscriber growth

Digital TV Europe has partnered with Omdia and Singula Decisions to present a free webinar on how premium user engagement can be used to drive subscriber growth to take place on May 19.

The need to react much faster to subscribers is no longer a ‘nice to have’. It’s a must to drive loyalty and growth.

However, many video service providers are faced with challenges in gaining insight from data and struggle to take effective action with customers in real-time.

In this new webinar, research powerhouse Omdia will reveal why Premium User Engagement is the future of customer interactions and how simply providing content recommendations or personalised UI is insufficient to meet subscriber needs and build relationships long-term.

Join the discussion to learn:

  • What Premium User Engagement is and why it’s critical for growth
  • How to transform your data strategy and differentiate from the competition
  • How 3 brands are using data and AI to drive real-time interactions with subscribers
  • Plus the latest analytics research from Digital TV Europe’s Annual Industry Survey

The webinar will be presented by Kedar Mohite, Principle Consultant at OmdiaDigital TV Europe Editor Stuart Thomson and Bhavesh Vaghela, CEO of Subscriber Intelligence Specialist Singula Decisions.

Register here.

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