RCS & RDS/Digi launches dynamic ad insertion

Romanian and central and eastern European region service provider RCS & RDS has teamed up with Google to launch dynamic ad insertion for its digital platforms Digi24, Digi Sport and Digi Online.

The operator is introducing dynamic ad insertion across the applications and websites of the digital properties in what it says is a first for the region.

The new format is currently available on the digi24.ro website on desktop and mobile versions, and was developed with the help of DigiSoft IT.

The ad solution is being implemented both on the digisport.ro website on desktop and mobile versions, and on the Digi24, Digi Sport and Digi Online applications.

RCS & RDS said there was growing demand for relevant personalised ad content.

“We are excited to reconfirm the innovative vision of the technologies and solutions adopted by the Digi group through this first joint step with our partner Google. Moreover, by developing this solution with the help of DigiSoft IT, we show once again the exceptional level of professionalism and experience in the digital transformation of our teams,” said Valentin Știrbu, head of digital media at RCS & RDS/Digi.

“The most important benefits the format brings both to those who order the insertion of ads, as it provides targeting and accurate reporting, unique to the online environment, but also to the end user who will receive personalized and relevant to content.”

News service Digi24 has been viewed by more than 11 million unique visitors a month this year, generating an average of over 90 million page views, according to audience research outfit Transmedia.

Digisport.ro was the most visited sports site in 2020, with over 23 million average monthly visits, and also this year, with over 26 million average monthly visits, according to the Transmedia audit.

Digi Online is the online streaming and video-on-demand platform of the Digi group, which offers customers access to TV content across news, sports, entertainment, movies and documentaries. Users can watch over 75 channels broadcast by Digi TV. The service is available free of charge to Digi Net and Digi TV customers.

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