AVOD news network Haystack TV rebrands

AVOD news network Haystack TV has rebranded as Haystack News.

Haystack claims to be the only AVOD news service with local news coverage for more than 90% of all local US markets. It aggregates content from nearly 300 US broadcast stations and is fully available on smart TV platforms.

The company noted that “millions of new users” have signed up to the service in 2020 and that it has seen a year-over-year growth of 145%. It said that it is on pace to see watchtime more than double in 2020 to exceed “millions of hours monthly.”

To reflect its position as a news service, the company has rebranded the network combined with a new logo and onscreen visuals including what it says is the first-ever personalised and dynamic news TV ticker.

Daniel Barreto, CEO and co-founder of Haystack TV, said: “This is a period of remarkable growth for Haystack, with downloads and usage surging as we accelerate our performance across all platforms. Haystack has extended our leadership with more premium news partners and support for more OTT platforms than anyone.

“We are now shifting our consumer brand to Haystack News to better reflect our position as the preferred destination for AVOD news. The new Haystack News logo and on-screen design embraces the value proposition we offer consumers to watch hyper-relevant news that connects you to the world around you.”

The company added that it has amassed US$6.5 million funding since its inception in 2015.

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