Vodafone Deutschland extends Gigabit broadband to 18m homes

Vodafone Deutschland is now providing Gigabit connectivity to  close to18 million homes across Germany, the company has claimed. The number represents an increase of 630,000 in six weeks.

The company said that its 1Gbps broadband service was now available in 30 new towns and cities including Straubing, Wismar, Perleberg, Soltau, Landstuhl, Bautzen, Völklingen, Magdeburg and Itzehoe.

The additions mean that 17.7 million homes can new receive Gigabit broadband from Vodafone, which has 40% coverage of Germany’s population.

The cable and mobile operator is also launching a new set of tariffs available throughout the country offering 50Mbps, 250Mbps, 500Mbps and 1Gbps broadband respectively.

The Red Internet & Phone bundles will see what the company describes as a permanent reduction in monthly prices of €5 for Red Internet & Phone 500 and a €20 reduction for the 1Gbps bundle.

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