Warner appoints HBO Max Originals marketing leads

HBO alum Pia Chaozon Barlow has returned to the company as its SVP of programme marketing for upcoming streamer HBO Max.

Chaozon Barlow had previously worked for HBO for over 10 years prior to its 2018 acquisition by AT&T. During this time, she led campaigns for shows such as Girls, Boardwalk Empire and The Newsroom. The exec joined Netflix in 2014 to lead the marketing of its originals, had a brief stint at 20th Century Fox between 2017-18, and then rejoined the streamer as the head of marketing for its nonfiction programming in 2018.

Now, returning to HBO, she will work alongside Peter Sherman – with whom she shares the title of SVP of programme marketing for HBO Max Originals – to share responsibility for guiding the marketing strategy of its originals.

Sherman is appointed to the role following his tenure running the marketing strategy for TBS and TNT. He previously spent eight years at Google, where he served as the product marketing lead for YouTube Gaming, along with launching Chromecast, Android TV, YouTube on TV and TrueView ads.

Both execs report to Chris Spadaccini, CMO of WarnerMedia Entertainment and direct-to-consumer.

Spadaccini said: “It gives me great pleasure to welcome Pia Chaozon Barlow back to the family. Pia’s innovative thinking, proven track record, collaborative spirit, and institutional knowledge of the streaming business will add tremendous value to our team as we build a new brand of Originals to differentiate HBO Max.

“Pia and Peter make for a dynamic duo, and by dividing the slate, we’ll be able to efficiently manage the business at scale, while ensuring that we have expert marketing leadership dedicated to each show.”

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