Free adds Netflix to Freebox Mini 4K

French service provider Free has made Netflix available as an option for direct viewing on the TV on its Freebox Mini 4K set-tops, extending the line-up of devices on which the SVOD service is available via the operator. 

From now on, subscribers with a Mini 4K box can directly access Netflix content via they box. Users with an existing Netflix account can access content simply by identifying themselves via the Netflix app on theirTV screen, while non-subscribers can create an account and access the content. 

The move means that Netflix is now available via the Freebox Mini 4K as well as the new Freebox Delta high-end box and Feebox one box, where Netflix Essential, offering standard-definition access via one screen, is includes in the price of the subscription.

Missing from the list so far is the older Freebox Révolution box. Free has promised that the streaming service will be added to this soon. 

Free offers Netflix Essential for €7.99 a month, with Standard, offering HD access and simultaneous access via two screens, available for €11.99 and Premium, offering Ultra HD and access via four screens, for €15.99. 

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