Hulu Japan taps Bitmovin for encoding

Hulu Japan operator HJ Holdings and online video platform Play have chosen Bitmovin Encoding to deliver the service to multiple screens.

The deployment was implemented through Bitmovin’s local integrator partner Itochu Cable Systems (ICS).

HJ runs an online video delivery service that allows its subscribers to access a library of content which features over 50,000 titles, including movies, TV shows, documentaries and anime. The company chose Bitmovin’s Per-Title, 3-Pass and multi-codec encoding technologies.

According to Bitmovin, its Per-Title encoding technology allows the encoder to contextually adjust the resolution and bitrate ladder of each individual piece of content, ensuring that video quality is consistent across the platform, and that only necessary bits are spent to meet that target.

David Godfrey

The company’s 3-Pass encoding includes a high-level analysis to identify appropriate encoding settings as well as pre- and post-processing steps required for each part of the video leading to an average bitrate reduction of 10-15% over a standard single or multi-pass encode without any reduction in video quality, the company claims.

“Hulu is home to a library of world-class content in Japan, and we are always striving to ensure that the online experience matches it. Bitmovin is helping us to achieve that through their Per-Title, 3-Pass and Multi-Codec encoding technologies which allows us to deliver the highest video quality within our customers’. Thanks to Bitmovin, we can continue to exceed the expectations of our customers by offering an enhanced viewing experience, while simultaneously reducing costs,” HJ and Play said.

Bitmovin are shaping the future of video having quickly become the go-to company for media and entertainment brands whose multi-screen OTT needs continue to set new technology benchmarks, which is why we designed our Cloud native encoding technology with compatibility and flexibility in mind,” said David Godfrey, VP and general manager, Asia Pacific at Bitmovin.

“Working closely with ICS, we have been able to offer HJ a tailored version of Bitmovin’s content aware multi pass encoding technology, making it compatible with their business model and resolution-based subscription packages. We look forward to our continued partnership with HJ and PLAY, and look forward to enhancing their workflow with features such as Ultra HD, 8K, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and AV1”

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