PŸUR launches €5 internet offer as it debuts Gigabit network in Berlin

Tele Columbus HQ

German cable operator Tele Columbus, which operates as PŸUR, has launched an aggressive price promotion of fixed-term contracts, providing its cable internet products for €5 a month.

The offer applies to all of the fibre network operator’s products from the Pure Surf internet connection at 20 Mbps through to the Surf & Phone + only pay €5 per month for the first six months.

The internet-only Pure Surf 20, Pure Speed 200 and Pure Speed 400 packages, as well as the Surf & Phone + HDTV bundles are also available at a promotional price.

Tele Columbus Group has also made its DOCSIS network compatible with the Fritz!Box 6490 router in place of its own free standard modem. The Fritz!Box is available with all new contracts at no rental charge for a period of three months. From the fourth month, the rental charge is €2 per month. Existing PΫUR customers can swap their existing wireless modem for a Fritzbox 6490 all for a one-off postage fee of €10 and a monthly rental charge of €2 after the new modem is installed.

Tele Columbus has also launched its new gigabit network in Berlin, with the same introductory offer, including for the new Pure Speed 1000 internet tariff, offering download speeds of 1,000 Mbps and upload speeds of 50 Mbps, rather than the regular price of €88 per month.

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